Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll pretty much find the answer to every question people ask about the crawl. IF you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can contact us, but read through this page first though- if you ask something that’s answered here we’ll eat your brains.

How does the crawl work?
Basically, you pay 5 bucks (I know!!!! Serious. Just 5 bucks. I kid you not) and you get a (really cool) cup and a map. The cup is your admission to about 30 bars on the map where you’ll enjoy $2 and $3 specials on beer and drinks! All kinds! (We’ll post the available specials the week of the crawl.) Also, we encourage everyone to dress up and have a blast. It’s one of the most fun nights of the year.
Are there any rules?
Yes. As a matter of fact, there are.

  1. Be cool. (Every year we have awesome crowd that treats each other, the bar patrons & everyone else with respect and in a good-natured manner. Let’s keep that up.)
  2. Don’t litter. If you leave the city in a mess we’ll all hear about it.
  3. Don’t take booze outside the bar. There’s a thing called an Open Container Law and it’s still in effect during the crawl.
  4. Have the night of your life. Serious. Well, ok- have the night of your afterlife.
Do I have to dress up?
Now, it’s up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum. Well, like Brian, for example, has 37 pieces of flair. And a terrific smile.
How much does the crawl cost?
The Zombie Crawl only costs 5 bucks! You get a commemorative cup, awesome drink specials and a kickass time.
How do I get a cup?
You can purchase cups presale or on the night of the crawl. Info on that is here.
If I get a pre-sale cup, how do I get a map?
Oh, you. You’re good. Nuthin’s gonna get by you. No worries. On the night of the crawl we’ll have maps ready for you at the start locations. Just walk up with your cup and say “hey! gimmie my map!” and we’ll gladly comply. We may laugh if you use that exact verbiage though, since you’re making it obvious that you read this entire FAQ.
What time does the crawl start? When does it end?
The crawl will start at 8pm on Saturday October 29th and will continue until into Sunday morning, when we all eventually will run out of brains. (see what we did there? That’s a double entendre.)
Where does the crawl start?
CommRow, Club Underground, Pioneer Underground and St. James Infirmary. We’ve got more details like addresses and stuff on our start bars page.
Am I going to have to wait in line for, like, a thousand years???
We will be the first to admit that we didn’t expect to grow that fast last year. Thank you. In return for your support, we are going to kick serious ass in the “you won’t have to wait in line” department. We’re pre-selling cups, adding more starting locations and we’ve doubled our volunteers. This year nothing will get in between you and your tasty, tasty brains.
Can I see an adorable little kitten?
Can I buy a cup the night of the event?
Yup. We’ll be selling cups at our start bars: CommRow, Club Underground, Pioneer Underground and St. James Infirmary. We’ve got more details like addresses and stuff on our start bars page. You’ll be able to grab cups there the night of the event starting at 8pm.
What do I get with a crawl cup?
Everything you’ve ever wanted. Psych!!! Well, you do get $2 & $3 specials on beer and drinks at over 30 different locations. You also get to hang out with several thousand of the coolest people ever, and you get get keep the cup. Yeah. And remember, that’s for just 5 bucks. Don’t say we never did you nuthin’.
What kind of drinks can I get on the crawl?
Technically, every bar will have at least one $3 beer special and one $3 drink special. They’ll pretty much all have $2 (or even less!) specials as well. What beers, you ask? What drinks? You’ll have to wait till mid-October to find out but trust us, they’ll be good. And they’ll have names like the “Brain Teaser”, or “Human Guts that Taste like Jager.”
Which bars are participating?
We’ll have about 30 bars on the crawl this year, and the map will be posted mid-October. They’re all in the downtown area and easy to walk to.
What are VIP cups? How do I buy one?
VIP Cups get you one $5 drink at each of our (more than 30) bars, and they only cost $50. Yup. And all the proceeds from them go to charity. Those cups are available exclusively online on our VIP cup page.
Where’s a good place to get stuff to build a costume?
Glad you asked! We’ve got a page just for that!
Why should I go on the crawl?
Serious? You’re asking that? That’s like asking why you should get laid, or why you should see the Evil Dead trilogy. Cheap booze, awesome people and braaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnssss, man. Sheesh.
What charity is this going toward?
This year a portion of our proceeds will go to the Northern Nevada chapter of the American Red Cross. They’re good people doing great stuff.
How do I add my bar?
We are going to accept a limited amount of bars this year. For info on how to make sure your bar can participate, please go to the Include Your Bar page.
How can I become a sponsor or presenter?
Sounds like a GREAT idea! Check out our sponsorship page and give us a holler. We’ll get right back to you.